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Our Sustainable Story

Quality Tourism Accredited business

We are proud to have been granted Quality Tourism Accredited Business Certification for our Sustainable Practices from the ground up. This achievement is a testament to our dedication to building a resort with a focus on the future

We have owned the property for over 30 years, and have watched the way developments have been heading in the past, often in a haphazard manner, and our wish is to make an ecological difference. Turning normal resort development on it’s head, we have opted for providing a resort with a minimal footprint.

Constructed of Australian produced products, our vision is to be totally self sufficient, working towards a fully sustainable business, without reliance on Government infrastructure. Our on-site sewerage system, has 5 stages of treatment, and the clear water that is the end product is pumped up the hill, to provide irrigation. We don’t have any water lost to the Council drainage system.

We are independent of that. We are so passionate about this that we opted for Eco Anchors as the foundations, which have spikes into the ground instead of the usual large slab of concrete. This way the natural flow of rain water across our site, is unimpeded, as no disturbance has been made to the land.

Offsetting our emissions with the planting of hundreds of tropical plants throughout our resort, Visitors will be interested in how we have achieved these gardens in such a short time. This conservation project on our own property, is offsetting our emissions ensuring we are carbon neutral.

We are still planting more and more shrubs and shade trees, as they are integral to ours and guests enjoyment of the resort.
Throughout the resort, the night lighting on the paths, and lawn areas, is by LED lighting, or solar. The lights within the tented structures, have been limited in number, and low wattage LED lights. The showers have reduced flows, and the cooling of the tents is mainly by fans, and large netted windows. We don’t encourage guests to use air conditioning unless it is vitally necessary, making our guests part of the solution!

Our next stage will be the installation of solar, to power the resort, and also to install water tanks. We are strongly involved with the local committees, as in MITAG (Magnetic Island Transport Group), and interested in obtaining Sustainability for the Region.

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